Dana Wylie

New Album - The Sea and the Sky – Now Available!


Thanks to everyone who came out to the album launch gig at The Artery on May 24th. I loved every minute of it - wonderful audience, great sound (thanks to Mike Tulley), unbeatable downhome Artery atmosphere, and the band (Bob Blair, Bob Tildesley, Kirsten Elliott, Thom Golub, and Geoff Hamdon-O'Brien) was smoking hot. Jay Gilday did a killer opening set, and Jim and Penny Malmberg made my day by playing a few of their new (and impeccable, I might add) songs. I felt blessed, to say the least.

 If you didn't make it out, however – whether because you were otherwise occupied or because you happen to live somewhere other than Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – you can still easily get a copy of the record if you so desire. Just go to my bandcamp site, sample some of the tracks, look at some pictures of me playing my guitar, and then order your digital and/or actual, physical copy of The Sea and the Sky. Very easy these days. If you have a particular affinity for CD Baby, it'll be available through them very soon as well.

 If you are in Edmonton, feel free to simply send me an email, and perhaps we can skip out the middleman.