Dana Wylie is a bright light from the great west...her singing is brimming with soul and songs and their great arrangements are unique and strong... Her ideas are elegant and classic—but also unbound by genre...I can’t wait to hear her again ”

— Colin Linden

Stardust Folk

Welcome to the online home of singer, songwriter, musician, writer, mother, lover and pal Dana Wylie. Here's a promise: Dana's crystal clear voice will cut straight through to your heart, and just to make it a fair deal, her songs will give you a direct route into hers. This is music that won't bullshit you, but it will move you.

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October, 2018

A New Baby, and a CFMA nod

On Thursday September 20th, I went on Facebook to post on our neighbourhood page about my cat who had just gone missing, and the first thing I saw was a post from my pal Scott Cook congratulating me on my nomination for a Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Singer of the Year. It was a crazy moment; I didn't know how to feel! (I also received a rejection about a grant application that day, so it was a day of contrasts and a good reminder to keep things in perspective and stay true to the path through the ups and downs.) The following night I went into labour, and at 7:12 am on Saturday September 22nd Grayson Autumn Blackie was born in our living room, just as the sky started to illuminate a beautiful snowfall that made the first day of fall look more like Christmas morning. What a bounty, a couple of days before the harvest moon.

So I'm taking a bit of time off from gigging – though I'll take a hiatus from the hiatus to perform at the CFMA ceremony in Calgary on November 30th! – but do check the SHOWS page to see what's brewing so far for next year. Happy Fall! Wishing bounty and abundance to everyone!

July, 2018

Summer Shows in Alberta

It's a busy summer of festival shows, house shows, and a few other things, all over Alberta. Hope to see lots of you out and about. I'm having a baby at the end of September, so after the summer tapers off that'll be it for me! At least for a while... The 2019 calendar is filling up with some exciting shows (including Women of Folkways, with Maria Dunn and Kaia Kater – always my favourite), a Home Routes tour in BC, the debut of a new show I'm developing featuring the songs of legendary French singer Edith Piaf, work on a new album, and a trip to the UK. But let me not get ahead of myself. Hope to see you sometime this summer!


October, 2017

The New Album is Out!
After a ring-dinger of an Edmonton release show on October 6th, The Earth That You're Made Of  hit #6 on the Earshot national folk/roots/blues chart, and #3 on the CKUA chart.

Here's a sample of the praise it's received so far:

"Crystal clear voice, skilfully constructed songs and formidable piano, guitar, and arrangement chops…it's the songs that make this album a winner." – Penguin Eggs Magazine 

"Her voice has an arresting purity that slides between strength and vulnerability…she plays acoustic and electric guitars, piano and keyboards and even penned horn or string arrangements for half the tracks on her latest album…even with all those extras Wylie’s voice and songwriting remain the highlight of the set." – Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal 

"Subtle and lulling, her voice is the sound you’d hear in a forest haunted by benevolent ghosts." – Michael Dunn, BeatRoute Magazine

“…one of the finest contemporary roots recordings to have ever been produced in Alberta, period.” – Peter North, Artistic Director, Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival 

"I think that Wylie is a rare contemporary musician who has refreshed and strengthened this good old genre…while staying true to its essence. It’s stardust folk." Hande Eagle, UK-based arts writer and translator


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