Welcome to the online home of singer, songwriter, musician, writer, student, mama, lover and pal Dana Wylie. Here's a promise: Dana's crystal clear voice will cut straight through to your heart, and just to make it a fair deal, her songs will give you a direct route into hers. This is music that won't bullshit you, but it will move you.

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The New Album is Out!
After a ring-dinger of an Edmonton release show on October 6th, The Earth That You're Made Of  hit #6 on the Earshot national folk/roots/blues chart, and #3 on the CKUA chart.

Here's a sample of the praise it's received so far:

"Crystal clear voice, skilfully constructed songs and formidable piano, guitar, and arrangement chops…it's the songs that make this album a winner." – Penguin Eggs Magazine 

"Her voice has an arresting purity that slides between strength and vulnerability…she plays acoustic and electric guitars, piano and keyboards and even penned horn or string arrangements for half the tracks on her latest album…even with all those extras Wylie’s voice and songwriting remain the highlight of the set." – Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal 

"Subtle and lulling, her voice is the sound you’d hear in a forest haunted by benevolent ghosts." – Michael Dunn, BeatRoute Magazine


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Upcoming Shows


City of Edmonton Salute to Excellence Hall of Fame Induction

Winspear Centre, 4 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB.

Salute to Excellence is an awards ceremony that highlights the work of people who improve the quality of life in Edmonton and contribute to a more unique, vibrant and inclusive city, in the areas of arts and culture, community service, and sports. I'm honoured to be performing at it this year, and beyond delighted that I'll be backed up by the likes of Dave Babcock, Audrey Ochoa, Bob Tildesley, Sandro Dominelli, Mike Lent, Chris Andrew, and Jim Head. This event is free and open to the public, and no tickets are required for entry.


Full Band Extravaganza!

The Aviary, 9314 111th Avenue, Edmonton, AB.

Seven-piece band! Keith Rempel on bass, Daniel Stadnicki on drums, Paul Mayer on keys, Dave Babcock on sax, Audrey Ochoa on trombone, Cheney Lambert on trumpet! This is our first full-band show since October, and it's just in time to kick off the festival season. Advance tix are $15, and you can get them from yours truly. Email me at dana@danawylie.net or text me at 780-720-0505.


North Country Fair

 —  —

Driftpile, AB.

Super stoked to be taking my seven-piece band to the Fair! It's gonna be a time! It's always a time!